copper plate leaf etching

Contemporary etchings leave behind the deep space of old master pictures and love modern art's flatness instead.

Etching are flat enought to provide visitors with pictures that represent things they can't dream about.

Drawing street life

Good prints provides people with pictures that represent ineffable images they can't dream about. Artworks make me happy. They help to make other happy. Meaningful prints facilitate what every human on earth needs, human interaction.

complicated art works

Originally used as a form of communication, printmaking has specific features.

complicated art works

Works that carve a space for diverse artistic viewpoints. Given that they have been conserved across millions of years and diverse life forms, they must be doing something.

inexpressible ineffable

Beauty must be natural and unadorned

Denis Diderot

For a while already, Matisse had been struggling to dissolve the boundaries between the fine art that had dominated Europe's elite traditions and the decorative objects and domestic spaces that seemed to matter in a lot of the world's other cultures