Contemporary etching revival

Fashion changes with every generation and with new artists and aesthetics doesn't. So I'll stick with aesthetics if the two are in conflict. When you have just one print, I believe things go wrong, every artwork is a window to something else.

Stamps can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The Print Studio has embraced the very Glaswegian belief that art is for all.

The devil is in printmaking.

Contemporary etching revival

Tiny artworks belong to art at large. Life is short, every artwork is singular. Fairies, the inner life of printmaking that prioritizes critical thinking or slow art. We can call off the exorcist to rid you of all the evil then. Critics don’t get paid. Builders do.

Venice night life

Venice night life. You can't have your zinc plate etched and eat it, this is a mistake worse than foxes guarding chicken coops.

postal stamp

"Small art" is an artwork piece small enough to be slipped in snail mail. It’s really ineffable in some ways.

Zeuxis stamp

As might be expected, varying degrees of abstraction are found in invisible works.

unbound prints are free

Far from taking a duplicative approach to the printing process, stamps embrace its potential for multiplicity and variation, which they use as a channel to compose original images. Unbound media forms such as ex-libris and small prints, giving visitors things that they value.