inexpressible ineffable

Escape from reality.

Santa with softground red seaweeds

This etching of an ocean Santa among red seaweeds, has a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the internet.

Copper plate etching, softground of red seaweeds, whimsical Santa.

Do you want to live with paper works that challenge you intellectually? That is a line which cannot be crossed lightly.

drypoint stressed rat

A studio model having rats in the attic. Underground art rat tries to survive from his art without a lot of academic background.

Chemical zoo

Beauty is an adjective used to describe anything at all.

Almost every conversation about the arts reverts to, or starts with talk of money.

John Tusa

Chemical zoo

When you encounter difficulties, you need to be optimistic, the pessimists tend to die.

Zhou Youguang

Chemical zoo